Bendigo Saleyard Report 09/01

Bendigo Saleyard Report 09/01

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Comparison date 2 Jan 2017
Yarding 14783
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A small yarding of 8,673 lambs came forward for the first sale of 2017 at Bendigo. Quality was plain, with a lot of lambs lacking fat cover and carcass finish, particularly in the shorn section where numbers are now starting to dominate as the supply of longer wool young lambs dwindles. Most of the regular buyers attended, although not all competed fully. Prices on a carcass basis were significantly dearer than the last sale held on December 19, with cents per kilogram rates boosted by reports of lower returns for skins. Most buyers were working on prices of $5 to $9 for most lamb skins, depending on wool length and cleanliness. As a general trend, bidding and demand for lambs did favour shorn types ahead of longer wool pens.

Prices reached a top of $165 for heavy export shorn lambs, while longer wool young lambs sold to a top of $160/head. There wasn’t a lot of weight in the yarding, and only about 10 pens of lambs sold above $160/head. Competition was most intense on the better finished trade weight lambs ranging from 22-26kg cwt, which were in limited supply and carcass rates for these reached up to 600c at times, to average an estimated 560c to 570c/kg cwt. Lightweight lambs, including Merinos, received strong support from both processors and restockers and the majority of the smaller lambs tracked over 600c/kg cwt at $95 to $115/head for most.

Agents yarded just over 6,000 sheep, with the majority comprising heavier crossbred and Merino ewes. There was also a reasonable selection of Merino wethers. Demand for mutton was keen, with heavy ewes from $103 to a top of $130, and big Merino wethers to $128/head. On a carcass basis the quality pens of leaner mutton were estimated in a range of 400c to 430c/kg cwt.