Hamilton Saleyard Report 11/01

Hamilton Saleyard Report 11/01

Detailed saleyard report | Sheep and Lamb |

Comparison date 4 Jan 2017
Yarding 23531
Change -6969

There was a decrease in lamb supply as the quality was from average to good. The unshorn lamb skins showed more signs of dryness and the yarding included a few pens of mixed quality shorn lambs after some recent hot weather which coincided with the annual weaner cattle sales. Most of the usual buying gallery attended, with restockers from Horsham, Jeparit, Swan Hill and
the South Australian Border determined to obtain numbers. As a result, the market started strongly and remained so throughout. Prices generally were from $5 to $10 dearer for light lambs and lifted $10 to $15 and up to $20/head in places for medium and heavy weight lambs as the market gained momentum. Many light weight lambs were on offer and the restockers were purchasing light lambs from $43 to $93 and better quality store lambs from $89 to $122/head.

Light weight 2 score lambs to the processors made $104 to $114, while light trade 2 and 3 scores made $110 to $131/head,averaging 650c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight 2 and 3 score lambs (19-20kg cwt) sold from $125 to $145/head to average 650c/kg cwt while the 3 score medium weight (21-22kg cwt) sold between $135 to $155/head, with costs averaging 640c/kg cwt. The heavy trade weight lambs, 3 and 4 score, returned from $135 to $164/head and costs ranged from 578c to 685c as they average an estimated 635c/kg cwt overall. Heavy 4 score lambs made $155 to a market top of $190/head as they averaged close to 590c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight shorn lambs sold from $113 to $126/head, with heavy trade weight lambs making $137 to $155 and heavy shorn lambs selling between $155 to $166/head, mostly varying from 620c to 605c/kg cwt.

Hoggets of 2 and 3 score sold from $108 to $128/head.