Wool Brokering

LMB Livestock

Wool Brokering

LMB Livestock has partnered with Fox & Lillie Rural to provide you with comprehensive wool marketing (straight forward selling options, sound wool marketing advice) that makes a positive difference.

Fox & Lillie Rural have been buying and exporting Australian wool since 1948. Today, Fox & Lillie is one of the main wool brokers in Southern Australia.

Their exporter ownership provides clients with real time market feedback, direct selling opportunities and classing advice to maximise clip value.

Fox & Lillie services include:

  • Fixed price wool brokerage
  • Price on AWTA test result (POR)
  • Direct mill wool contracts
  • Direct buying stores
  • Forward wool contracts
  • Spot price on farm
  • Wooltrade Internet selling

Fox & Lillie Rural also have a diverse range of delivery locations across Australia, taking the fuss out of delivery.